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In the Midst of a Miracle

In the midst of a miracle
I never know where to turn
I never know where to look
The soft clear colors as light streams through stained glass
The strong lines of glory rays as the sun pours through clouds
The sparkling points of brightness on the water as waves flow

The stained glass light whispers “be still”
The glory rays whisper “this is the way”
The dancing waters whisper “come and play”

In the midst of a miracle
All I really know
Is that light is always present
Around me
Within me
And most certainly
Beyond me

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The hard choice can be
Allowing the darkest night
Trusting light will come

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The Beginning (remembering Mary Travers)

On my way home tonight
Stuck in traffic
I saw the Arena Theatre
Where twenty years ago
My husband and I saw Peter, Paul, and Mary.

I remember what I wore
A black long-sleeved T-shirt
And a skirt made of fabric from South America.
The night was breezy and we held hands
Like the newly-weds we were.

A happy audience
Bathing in memories of summer camp
And singing around the fire.
You could feel the peace
As we sang along.

This music rang through much of my life.
I miss knowing Mary is with us,
But give thanks for the gift of her life and her joy.
For songs that passed from my parents to me to my child,
Songs that all my friends know by heart.

So tonight’s traffic jam
Even in exhaustion
Offered the surprise of happiness
Seeing the Arena Theatre
Remembering Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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I took this last night, in a parking lot, after eating in a restaurant, walking to the car. Just a moment when this tender pink bloom caught my eye. A moment to give thanks on a Sunday evening for the fleeting beauty as our seasons shift…after a winter full of brutal weather over almost the whole country.
May we know apparent Grace in these moments, in the shining eyes of those we love, as we hold our breath in wonder one more time.

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It’s not Leap Year
So today is the last day
Of February.

Three months in a row
Of winter
Of cold
Even in Texas.

This last day of February
I give thanks
For the river that thaws
The heart that beats
The breath that knows.

The night is shorter
Day is longer
I wonder at spring
Lying just beyond
My sight.

May we bless this winter
And look to this spring
To apparent Grace
To fleeting Light
To fragile and tender Wholeness.


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There comes a time
When we know inside
That the wheel of life has turned
And the seasons have carried us, perhaps gently, perhaps roughly,
To this new moment.

This is the time
To take off our shoes
Even in snow and ice,
To stand on the earth
On holy ground.

Darkness can seduce us.
We wish to stay under the covers, to stay asleep,
To refuse to answer the knock on the door of our soul.
It is so completely understandable.
Turning away from the cold, maybe harsh, dawn.

Yet light is waiting.
And time flows on like a glacier.
We long for rest but know that spring is already on the way.
The present moment is all that can hold us.
It always asks our consent.

With awe and hope and always love,
May we open our eyes to the light that shines.
May we allow ourselves to know this moment just as it is.
We are enveloped in grace.
May our hearts say Yes.


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