Returning to Life

It has been almost ten months since my last Apparent Grace post. Soon it will be a year…but not yet. So there is still time to recall last June, last Trinity Sunday and hopes of beginning again. And there is still time to return to life, to new life in this Easter season.

As it happened, Trinity Sunday last year was almost immediately followed by a whirlwind of family events and much change for a time. It was a season of waiting on the Lord and being lifted by our friends and community. Surgery and illness and other losses…a time of learning patience and trust. And, in the end, certainly a time of apparent grace. Remembering again that all I need to do is look and listen, and grace is shining right before me.

And so, we grow and heal and live to see a new day. A new season of new life. I am ready to write again, to teach again, to learn again and again. I have a new blog glory rays ( for poems and prayers and I hope to also write more here at Apparent Grace

May we live into Easter with new hearts of flesh and may we know and give thanks for all good, and for all Apparent Grace in our lives and in our world. Amen, Alleluia!

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