Inflection Point


“The only truth I know is that light is everywhere.”

A long long time ago in math class, I learned about inflection points. About the points where curves change direction, where shifts occur, where calculus reigns. Aside from the calculus that I learned before applying to medical school, I have come to believe that inflection points are scattered throughout our days and throughout our lives.  I have come to believe that there is always an opportunity offered by an inflection point, and that often the hardest time to see the opportunity is when we are right in the middle of the inflection point itself.

“The only truth I know is that light is everywhere.” I wrote these words after a trip to the Holy Land in the summer of 2015. In all the many and diverse places we visited, holy sites of Christianity, of Judaism, of Islam, I saw light. Candles and light everywhere. Sunrise on the Judean desert followed by Holy Communion. Glass lanterns swinging in the Cathedral of St. James in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Golden light sparkling on the surprisingly blue waters of the Sea of Galilee. I was in awe of the light, and the reverence, that I saw everywhere in the Holy Land.

Tonight is an important inflection point. Tomorrow a new president of the United States will be inaugurated. There will be shifts and direction changes. We are not unified in how we see and understand the opportunity in this particular inflection point in history.  There is so much unknown ahead.

We need light in this inflection point of time. We need the gift of light this night and in the days to come. We need to be able to see and to not miss the opportunities for light and for service…for this season, like all seasons, is holy.

My prayer tonight is that we kindle and keep alive the light that is already in our hearts. I pray that the fires of love will keep us warm and the flames of hope will light our way as we reach out to the future. I pray for peace, for compassion, and for that light that shines in the darkness, the light that the darkness has not and will not overcome. May the hearts of all know this light this day and all days and may honest and apparent grace abound.

“The only truth I know is that light is everywhere.”













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5 Responses to Inflection Point

  1. Carol petty says:

    Thank you. I needed this reminder. Bless you!

  2. Thank you Sarah for sharing this with us and at this time. Yes, the light… when my candle is a bit dim I want to stand close to other’s so i don’t get too lost. I need this today. God’s peace to you and to every single one of us.

  3. says:

    Thank you, Sarah! I love every thing about this reflection. It is prayerful and healing…just what I need right now! Love and peace, Marie

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  4. Jackie Rose says:

    So much to the point. I’m reminded of Leonard Cohen’s lines, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” May we focus on the light even (especially) when the cracks of brokenness are so painful.

  5. kathleenbotsford says:

    Beautiful prayer Sarah. You have brought me to tears, tears that reflect the light. xoxo

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