God Sings All the Time

Now this is a true story.  About a week ago, I was driving to work and thinking about Christmas plans.  I suddenly remembered a song from one of the “Great Songs of Christmas” record albums from the 1960’s, the kind of album that you bought at a tire store, like Firestone or Goodyear.  We had lots of those albums, all over our house, and my sisters and I knew every song by heart.  The song that came unbidden to my mind was “Sing Hosanna, Hallelujah” as sung by the New Christy Minstrels.  This was one of our favorites as kids, but I hadn’t heard that song for many years.  When I got to work, one of my sisters had posted on Facebook “Does anyone remember the Christmas song ‘Sing Hosanna, Hallelujah’?”  I was taken by the synchronicity…  With the help of our other sisters we reconstructed what we remembered about this song.  I found the lyrics online but no music.  I looked on iTunes–no luck.  Most of those old tire store records have disappeared from our homes.  Our parents have both died and so there is no mom’s or dad’s closet to dig through any more.  I yearned to hear that song, knowing that would bring a moment of re-experiencing that early Christmas joy.  Last night I Googled this song one more time, and I found it on You Tube.  I heard the music and saw the picture of the album.  As I listened, my heart stirred and I rested in the completeness of not only the song my family loved, but also the completeness of my family’s love–those on earth and those in Heaven, all so very close together in spirit and in the greater love of God. 

Very early this morning I was dreaming that I was at my computer and the web site I was reading in my dream was titled “God Sings All the Time.”

May we see the Grace and may we hear the Song.

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  1. oh that brings back such memories, thank you Sarah. And you know, I believe God is deeply supporting you right now so it’s a very good time to ask for what you really really want.

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