Apparent Grace:  Supporting individuals in their spiritual journeys and life transitions and creating a growing awareness of holiness in everyday life.

Those I serve:   

  • Women and men who want to explore their relationship with God, with wholeness and holiness,  with all that is sacred.   Many work in professions serving others such as religious ministry, health care, or education.  Many are facing life transitions such as caring for aging parents or personal health challenges.
  • Churches and other organizations seeking to provide educational or retreat opportunities for their members to explore wellness in the physical, emotional, or spiritual arenas.

I offer: 

  • Individual spiritual direction.  Spiritual direction is an ancient practice that creates an opportunity to explore the meaning of wholeness and holiness in one’s life.  Sessions are confidential and take place in person or on the telephone.  Spiritual direction involves deep listening and reflective questioning; together we explore where and how God might be appearing in one’s life and how one might choose to respond to this sacred presence.  Spiritual direction offers support in discernment and in creating and nurturing a personal spiritual practice.  Sessions might include exploration of life experiences, of spiritual practices, of dreams, and of relationship issues. It is not psychotherapy, counseling, or coaching–it is spiritual companionship and support and periodic witnessed reflection, all with the intention of moving toward an appreciation and understanding of deeper meaning in the experiences of our lives.
  • Group spiritual direction.  Typically offered in person, group spiritual direction provides regular opportunities for participants to explore their spirituality as noted above.  These gatherings may be organized or requested by churches or other common interest groups.  Facilitation of group spiritual direction will be individualized for the individuals involved.
  • Retreats, workshops and seminars:  These offerings are planned and facilitated to provide opportunities for reflection and learning.  A wide range of experiences may be offered, depending on the needs and desires of the participants.  Themes of these gatherings may include issues in spirituality (spiritual growth, prayer, discernment) and health (self-care, family wellness, human development) and are designed in consultation with requesting individuals and organizations.  Retreats, workshops, and seminars may be provided at locations throughout the United States.  Titles of past presentations have included “Grace-Filled Turnings”, “Seeking Grace: Caring for Our Families, Caring for Ourselves”, “Living More Simply: The Journey Outside, Inside, and Beyond”, and “Informed Consent: Holistic Approaches to Clergy Family Wellness.” Groups served have included Our Lady of Grace Monastery/Beech Grove, Indiana, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System Chaplaincy Department/Houston TX, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church/La Marque TX, Trinity Episcopal Church/The Woodlands TX, Grace Episcopal Church/Alvin TX, Trinity Episcopal Church/Houston TX, and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas/Houston TX.

My background: 

  • I am a graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.  I am certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in general and child and adolescent psychiatry.  I have spent much of my career in Houston’s public mental health system and have most recently served as medical director for intellectual and developmental disabilities in that system.  I have also served as a faculty member at UTMB Galveston, Baylor  College of Medicine, and the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  I have had experience in providing disaster relief services following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike.  I have received specialized training from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in facilitating stress management and life enhancement skills training groups.
  • I am the granddaughter of a Methodist minister and the wife of an Episcopal priest.  I have belonged to spiritual communities in Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Episcopalian traditions. I have sought retreat in Quaker settings.  I believe that God is with us, in us, and for us.
  • I completed formal spiritual direction training within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas’ three-year formation program.  I have engaged in personal spiritual direction throughout my adult life.  I served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Washington DC for two years as a young adult prior to entering medical school.   I have offered individual spiritual direction to clergy and others in human services professions as well as retreats and workshops in churches in the greater Houston area.


For more information:

  • Contact Sarah via email at with questions and requests.   Consultation exploring potential offerings is provided at no cost.  References are available upon request.  Fees vary depending on the service and context offered.  Know that I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and to your community.